In 1990 with the foundation of the Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis the professionals interested in psychoanalysis and in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy decided to initiate a systematic training in the field. The new created Psychoanalysis Society strived to establish many connections with foreign specialists and organizations, and between these there were also members of the Dutch psychoanalysis societies.

The lectures and the supervision sessions offered by the Western psychoanalysts could only partially meet the training needs of a group that was already in a continuous evolution and that didn’t benefit from a homogenous and systematic theoretical basic education. In the same time a complete training in a Western Europe institute encountered difficulties which could be overcome only by few. Thus the idea of creating an institution for the long-term training in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Bucharest appeared.

For almost two years the regretted Dr. Herbert Hommes and Hiske van Dullemen made considerable efforts to organize all the aspects related to this project (the training course structure and content, the supervision committee, lecturers and necessary specialty literature). Mrs. Mieke Stock financed with generosity through the Stock Foundation all the costs involved by the program, and in 1997 offered to the new created Romanian – Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (FROPP) the apartment in Dr. Lister Street, where all the Foundation, as well as other organizations activities (The Romanian Society for Psychoanalysis, the Romanian Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) take place at present.

In autumn 1995 the training course started with 17 participants. The participants selection was made by a five-member group, founders of the Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis, taking in account similar criteria: the interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, the previous psychotherapeutic experience, current psychotherapeutic practice, personal therapy – analysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The interest for the training was remarkable, and surprisingly for that period, the participants selected arrived equally from medical and psychology professionals. The training course ended in April 1999 and on the same occasion the 17 participants decided to found a training institution.