In April 1999, 17 medical and psychology professionals graduated the training program in psychoanalytical psychotherapy organized by three Dutch psychoanalytical societies that joined for this project:

The 17 graduates:

  1. Ileana Botezat Antonescu
  2. Cristina Mihaela Bucur
  3. Augustin Cambosie
  4. Mariana Costea
  5. Alfred Dumitrescu
  6. Ioana Ene
  7. Rodica Fuiorea
  8. Ioana Georgescu
  9. Sanda Lepoiev
  10. Brindusa Orasanu
  11. Silvia Papadima
  12. Adrian Paunescu
  13. Dana Podaru
  14. Daniela Popa
  15. Cecilia Popovici
  16. Miruna Stoca
  17. Rita Teodoru

The group of 17 who graduated in 1999 the „Dutch School” selected 7 members who became the founders of the Romanian Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy (F.R.O.P.P.): Ileana Botezat Antonescu, Augustin Cambosie, Alfred Dumitrescu, Sanda Lepoiev, Brânduşa Orăşanu, Miruna Stoca, Rita Teodoru. They were joined by Ioana Georgescu and represent at present , the Direction Council of FROPP.

In FROPP regulation there are also three honorific members: Herbert Hommes, Hiske van Dullemen and Mieke Stock, who supported the foundation and the financing of the Dutch project implemented in Bucharest, and offered in 1997 through a generous donation the present location of the foundation.

The current activity runs through the coordination of an Administration Council that includes three members:
President: Alfred Dumitrescu
Vice-president: Sanda Lepoiev
Secretary: Rita Teodoru

At present after two training courses FROPP counts 40 members. The training project evolves through the joined efforts of a professional committee including the FROPP and ARPP (the Romanian Association for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy) trainers.